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Smoked Meats

We use only the best British beef fillet to make our amazing, award-winning, melt-in-the-mouth smoked beef carpaccio. Triple gold winner at the Great Taste Awards, 2010.

From £7.50

A beautifully delicate, succulent smoked duck breast. Created using the finest British free-range duck. Ideal in salads, with pasta or on a meat platter. Double gold winner at the Great Taste Awards, 2011.

From £5.50

A delicious Tuscan salami, flavoured with fennel seeds then lightly smoked over maple wood. Superb in pasta dishes or served alongside melting cheese in a panini.

From £4.00

A wonderfully spicy Italian salami made from lean pork and red chilli peppers. Smoked over maple wood, it has a deliciously rich and spicy, subtly smokey flavour. Perfect with pizza and pasta.

From £4.50

A traditional dry cured Italian salami made from premium pork, spices and garlic. Its flavour is greatly complemented through gentle smoking over maple wood. Delicious in pasta dishes and sandwiches.

From £4.00

A superb quality and extremely tasty, spicy cooking chorizo. Produced in Catalunya, it is a rich and full-flavoured chorizo made with fiery pimenton picante. Extremely versatile, makes the perfect tapas dish.