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Smoked meat & salmon

View our wonderful selection of our award-winning smoked fish and smoked meats, including smoked salmon, smoked beef, smoked duck, dry-cured smoked bacon, smoked prosciutto, chorizo and smoked salami. Our smoked salmon and smoked meats are traditionally dry cured and lightly smoked over maple wood. We pride ourselves on the quality of the ingredients we use and the delicacy of our flavours.

Artisan Smokehouse's smoked salmon on wooden board with capers
Smoked Salmon
From £6.95
Slices of The Artisan Smokehouse's smoked duck breast on board
Slices of The Artisan Smokehouse's smoked beef fillet on wooden board with cornichon
Slices of The Artisan Smokehouse's smoked Prosciutto ham on wooden board
Artisan Smokehouse smoked back & streaky bacon on slate
Smoked Bacon
From £4.25
Slices of The Artisan-Smokehouse's smoked Finocchiona salami on wooden board
Slices of smoked Spianata Calabra salami on chopping board
Brindisa cooking Chorizo Picante on chopping board
The Artisan Smokehouse's small Meat Eaters hamper with contents showing
The Artisan Smokehouse's large Meat Eaters Hamper with contents showing