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Box of Spring by The Artisan Smokehouse
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A little bit about us...

Husband and wife team, Tim and Gill, run and own a small multi award-winning smokehouse set on the beautiful Suffolk Coast, producing a delicious range of smoked foods and beautiful hampers.

Tim & Gill sat on a bench outside the Artisan Smokehouse

Tim has a great passion for all things food, so many years ago Gill brought him a semi-professional smoker. Little did she realise that this would completely change both their lifes. After much experimentation, several expensive mistakes and a number of smokers, Tim's hobby turned into a business and in 2010 they opened the doors to The Artisan Smokehouse.

The quality of their smoked products are dependent upon the care and attention that they take at every stage, from sourcing the raw products,through preparation and smoking, to packaging and delivery. 

All of their smoked meats and fish are traditionally dry cured using no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Unusually, they use maple wood to smoke their products, which they feel gives a more delicate flavour.


 If you would like to read more about Tim & Gill's story and what has happened in the years since opening then please click here...