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Introducing our Smoked Olives!

We frequently get asked by customers to sell smoked olives, so after much experimentation with different types of olive and different smoking times, we think we have come up with the perfect combination - and here they are......

Image of Smoked Olives

We use a delicious large and firm green olive which we lightly smoked over burning maple wood. This gives the olives a wonderfully rich smokey flavour.

Once the smoking is complete, we mix the olives with a lovely blend of smoked sunflower oil, dried herbs and spices.

Our smoked olives are perfect on their own, served alongside some of our smoked meats and cheeses, as a pizza topping, or scattered through salads.

They are also delicious when roughly chopped up and put through pasta dishes, sauces, stews and Moroccan style couscous dishes. We found them particularly good when added to a chilli or Bolognese - they gave the sauce a real rich smokey flavour!

Once you've eaten the olives (they're incredibly moreish so it won't take long!), you can use the oil for dipping bread, salad dressings and drizzling over pasta dishes, pizza or roast veg!

We delighted to say that so far, they have proven incredibly popular, so why not try them for yourself, you won't be disappointed:

To buy our delicious smoked olives please click here....