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Spianata salami & goats cheese salad recipe

A quick and easy, spicy little number, perfect served as a starter or for a summer lunch...

Image of Smoked Spianata Salami (or Chorizo) & Goats Cheese Salad - The Artisan Smokehouse


180g pack of smoked Spianata Calabra salami or 250g Chorizo picante (cooking)
200g smoked goats cheese
Large glass of red wine
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 bag of your favourite salad leaves
Drizzle of high quality olive oil (ideally our smoked olive oil)


    Prep time: 5 minutes
    Cook time: 10-15 minutes
    Serves: 6 people as a starter or 4 people as a main meal


      Cut the salami/chorizo into strips/smallish chunks
      Fry the meat in the cooking oil
      Once it starts rendering its fat, take the pan off the heat and carefully add the glass of wine (this can flare up so please be super careful!)
      Allow to simmer whilst preparing a favourite salad (and drink some more of that wine!)
      Roughly chop some smoked goats cheese into small pieces.
      Once the salami wine mix has reduced to salad dressing consistency take off the heat and stand for two mins to cool slightly
      Mix in the salad and arrange in bowls
      Scatter with the Goats Cheese and serve with some crusty bread!
      Drizzle with our smoked olive oil to taste

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