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Smoked beef fillet with smoked Stilton pate & beetroot

 This is the dish we created which won us the Meat Category at the YBFs National Awards - we're rather proud of it & think it would make a great starter!

Smoked Beef Fillet


160g smoked beef fillet
Smoked olive oil for drizzling
Cooked beetroot - allowed to cool & cut/sliced into smallish pieces
100g smoked Stilton pate (click for recipe)
Handful of basil leaves


    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Cook time: 0 minutes
    Serves: 4 people


      This is simply a matter of arranging the ingredients attractively on a plate - be as creative as you like!
      Open packet of smoked beef fillet & arrange slices on a plate (this can either be on 4 individual plates or one large platter - which ever you prefer!)
      Dab blobs of the smoked stilton pate around the plate
      Place/scatter the beetroot pieces around the plate. For our plate we used a bespoke corer to get cylinders of beetroot (this was a competition after all!), but you could slice, dice, chop your beetroot into what ever shape pieces you like!
      Scatter the basil leaves over the beef, pate and beetroot
      And drizzle with the smoked olive oil
      You can either serve this on its own or with some fresh crusty bread and some of our delicious maple smoked olives!

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